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L. is the first initial of Suzanne’s middle name and R. is the first initial of Matt’s middle name. Dorn is an anagram of Dorff/Dunn. Arriving at a name we both agreed upon involved a fair bit of searching.

We had written four or five novels in the traditional prose form, and while they received praise from editors, we weren’t getting any offers to publish them. The Anatomy of Desire was our first novel written in transcript style, and it sold to the first editor our agent submitted it to.

A bigger role since we began writing The Anatomy of Desire. This has been a fascinating journey into seeing the role social media plays in our lives. More and more people are connecting with others through developing their social media identities. We’ve discovered many influencers who are producing amazing content and baring their souls to their followers. We don’t consider ourselves influencers, but we’re so glad to have opened this door to such a wealth of human stories.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark; The Jinx; Making a Murderer; The Vow; I Love You, Now Die; Murder on Middle Beach; The Staircase.

The first episode of his CBS miniseries Category 6: Day of Destruction, airing November 14, 2004, tallied over nineteen million viewers in the U.S. according to the Nielsen ratings. The series’ success spawned a sequel the following year, Category 7: The End of the World.

A thousand words a day and a cloud of dust. Five-hundred on Sundays.

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